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Dr. Jasmine Cruz Sanchez, MD

Dr. Jasmine Cruz was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Puerto Rico with her family as a teenager. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico and joined med school in 2002, through a binary program with the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. She continued her training as a student and graduated in 2007.
Dr. Jasmine Cruz continued training in Puerto Rico and completed a one-year internship along with a one-year social service program. Finally, she earned her title as Medical Doctor (MD). She dedicated five years of her service to the Emergency Department. In 2016, she relocated and worked in pediatrician before stepping up as a primary care physician (PCP). Dr. Jasmine Cruz has 10 years of experience to her name and she remains passionate, empathetic and respectful with her patients. As a primary care doctor, she has set a priority to create a comforting environment for her patients to provide moral support in tough times with excellent treatment.

Dr. Jasmine Cruz, MD - Florida
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